Lätzsch Trombone Quartet - Concierto Brabajo

- Lätzsch Trombone Quartet -
The Lätzsch Trombone Quartet was born in january 2017 when the fates conspired to bring these
four internationally young Lätzsch trombonists (Dirk Ellerkamp, Eva Schiffler, Maxine Troglauer and
Daniel Clemmensen) together at the Lätzsch Company in Bremen, Germany.
The Quartet is the resident Trombone Quartet of the ‘Lätzsch Custom Brass’ and is comprised of
these four trombonists.
The quartet’s international synergy of different nationalities has allowed the group to develop
a unique musical language with their refreshing different brand of musical interpretation.
A perfect mix of Lätzsch ‘student’ and ‘professional’ artists:
» Dirk Ellerkamp - Germany - Lätzsch Artist
Alto Trombone | Tenor Trombone
» Eva Schiffler - Austria - Lätzsch Student Artist
Alto Trombone | Tenor Trombone
» Daniel Clemmensen - Denmark - Lätzsch Artist
Tenor Trombone | Bass Trombone | Contrabass Trombone | Bass Trumpet
» Maxine Troglauer - Germany - Lätzsch Student Artist
Bass Trombone
The individual members of the quartet are no strangers to the professional orchestral world.
Dirk Ellerkamp is principal trombone of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, Eva Schiffler is
master student at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Jörgen van Rijen and first call tenor trombone
substitute for German, Austrian and Dutch Orchestras, Maxine Troglauer is student
Bass Trombone in Hannover with Jonas Bylund and substitute bass trombone for many German
Orchestras and last but not least Daniel Clemmensen is the bass trombone of the Royal Danish Gards
and a highly respected multi instrumental substitute in the Danish music scene.